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Highside: a novella

Highside: a novella

Where it all begins for both the Between the Lines series AND the New Beginnings series. Meet the characters and their roller-coaster lives...

They were the high school sweethearts that seemed to be inseparable -- until a tragedy ripped them apart...

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About the Book

Brie O’Donnell hasn’t always been the cool-as-a-cucumber business owner that she is today. A turbulent childhood eventually found her and twin brother, Finn, in the custody of the Mitchell family, where Brie began to understand what love really meant. The Mitchells’ youngest son, Jesse, was her savior, her boyfriend, and ultimately, her undoing.

Jesse is a professional motorcycle (MotoGP) rider with a chip on his shoulder on and off the track. A tattered love life keeps him closed off emotionally. But his inability to keep his shifter peg in his pants means that he becomes way more invested in Brie’s life than he should be.

When Jesse’s faced with an impossible choice, does he throw his girl under the bus or admit to something that could ruin his career? Secrets can cause a Highside — try to land on your feet.

Genre: Sports Romance
Tags: between the lines, new beginnings, prequel
Publisher: Spartakittah Press
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9798582057840
List Price: 6.99
eBook Price: 0.99
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